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21.11.2017 : Sustainable Energy In Eu External Actions Instruments
Energy - 18/08/2017

Since the last few years, sustainable energy has been increasing its importance within EU External Action Instruments. There are several reasons to explain this phenomenon; such as the need to implement the commitments of Paris Climate Conference; the believe that insufficient access to energy is one of the push factors of migration; and last but not least the access to sustainable energy strongly contributes to the development of impoverished regions by stimulating the growth of private sector. All these reasons are taken into consideration and have an impact within the context of the mid-term review of the financial instruments and also in the process of setting new priorities of support for most of the partner countries. It is desirable, that European companies as one of the main stakeholders take an active role in existing and forthcoming initiatives in the context of EU external action instruments. Therefore one of the key purposes of the seminar is to inform European companies about business opportunities in the EU financial framework 2014-2020 in the field of sustainable energy.  

The morning part of the seminar will be dedicated to available funding and possibilities how to get involved. During the afternoon session, B2B-meetings will take place. There the participants can establish contacts with potential cooperation partners for future tenders. For companies with no prior experience in EU external aid programs, or for those who would like to refresh knowledge of European funding procedures, an introductory workshop about the tendering process is offered at the beginning of the seminar.