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Welcome to the website of the sector seminars on European Union External Aid Programmes.

The sector seminars are organized twice a year by the Permanent Representations and Trade Promotion Organizations of twenty-three Member States of the European Union. United Kingdom has been accepted by the group during the transition period provided for by the UK–EU Withdrawal Agreement”. These one day events are structured in two sessions: a morning session where European institutions’ officials involved in External aid programmes give an overview of the financing available for the sector chosen and an afternoon session where one to one meetings between participating companies take place.

You may go to the "About us" section to find out more about the background and objectives of the sector seminars.

If you would like to participate in the forthcoming seminar, please, fill in the company profile form available in the "registration" section. The organization representing your country will confirm your registration via e-mail and provide you with the necessary password to access the restricted area of the website where you will be able, among others, to update your profile, download the list of participants and request meetings with other companies participating in the seminar.

Bear in mind that registration to a seminar entails payment of a fee (175 Euro).
Webinars are free of charge.

For this seminar, we cooperate with Point be sprl as external service provider for the logistics. Point be sprl is in charge of handling the treasury function (billing, invoices). All registered and accepted participants will receive an invoice by Point be sprl. Please do indicate during your registration procedure the VAT-Number (Value Added Tax) of your company.

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The next WEBINAR will focus on the changes introduced in the latest version of the “Practical Guide (PRAG) for Procurement and Grants for European Union external actions” and the implications for European companies. It will take place ONLINE on Thursday, November 26, 2020.

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Latest News

  • 26.11.2020 WEBINAR: Changes in the EU External Action Procurement: PRAG 2020

    The new Practical Guide (PRAG) applicable as of 1 August 2020 introduces some changes that may impact the way of European companies participate in tenders and call for proposals. The webinar will take place on 26th November from 15H00 to 16:00. Germany and Spain are the main organizing countries of the webinar and a significant number of Member states organizations co-organize the event. The platform will be Webex. For those companies that cannot access to the session the same day, we plan to record it in order to make it available on this web page.

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    In response to an increasing demand from the private sector, the next webinar (free of charge) will focus on Covid response in EU External Action financing.
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  • 20.06.2019 Seminar "Private sector participation modes in EU External Action implementation and their evolution"

    In recent years, the implementation of the budget that the European Union allocates to third countries has experienced what could be regarded as a revolution. Indeed, up to five years ago most of the so called External Action budget was managed directly by the European Commission and the recipient countries’ authorities. Nowadays, the implementation of a large chunk of that financial envelope is delegated to a wide variety of actors, such as Member States development agencies, International Financial Institutions and non-profit making organisations

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